Business and Markets

As good as gold

Author of The Everything Blueprint: The Microchip Design That Changed the World, James Ashton discusses the game-changing rise of semiconductors and their role in geopolitics.

Innovation and Technology

The interdisciplinary world of biochips

The intersection of technical engineering with bioengineering holds the promise of real-time analysis of biological data, changing healthcare focus from detection to prediction and prevention.

Business and Markets

Mastering the game

In the world of investing, as in chess, a nearly infinite magnitude on information and possible combinations are available to be processed. Chess is a game where all information is on the table while human ingenuity and the cold calculations of machines clash in an endless, infinite battle for success.

Lifestyle and Opinion

A chip off the old block

In FOLIO's inaugural feature film, viewers are invited into the world of Johan Holgersson, Partner of Cape Capital, and his son Oscar. Set within the comfort of their family home and its surroundings, this documentary captures the essence of a remarkable father-son bond that extends far beyond mere genetics. As a firm committed to the next generation, Cape opens the door to their own family and legacy stories.

Sport and Wellness

Taking a chip shot: Golf techniques for precision plays in business

Golf coach Simon Holmes talks strategy, performing under pressure and risk management

Lifestyle and Opinion

Panem et Circenses

Potato chips: a tale of accidental innovation, savvy marketing, and enduring appeal. From a kitchen mishap in 1853 to a $34.5 billion global market, long-time FOLIO contributor, William Raynar, delves into the crunchy history of everyone's favourite indulgence.