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Arts and Culture

The time is now

Curator of Kunsthaus Zürich's Zeit exhibition, Cathérine Hug reveals why artists are natural born rebels.

Lifestyle and Opinion

Mind over matter

Gelong Thubten on his transformational journey from hedonism to happiness, and how we can all train our brain for the better.

Lifestyle and Opinion

Was Jesus a rebel?

From politics to pop culture, FOLIO regular William Raynar examines rebellion through the ages.

Business and Markets

'Nobody’s looking out for the little guys'

The trader whose investments don’t just make money, they challenge the consensus too; Matthew Tuttle on going against the market majority.

Lifestyle and Opinion

Defying all the odds

After a life-altering accident, Sarah de Lagarde has emerged as a resilient advocate for both technological innovation and personal growth.

Innovation and Technology

Taking back control

From deep-fakes to derailing democratic values, technology is being deployed to manipulate and control. Zoe Weinberg has a game-changing idea that brings innovation and capital together to restore human agency in the digital realm.

Business and Markets

Never smile at a crocodile

What warnings do rebellious charts give us about fiscal policies? Our resident Michael Lienhard explains.