Edition 2 Edition 3
Business and Markets

Harsh medicine

Michael Lienhard—Cape Capital’s Head of Fixed Income—searches for opportunity in an altogether painful market environment

Arts and Life

Peanuts: A study in value(s)

Zurich-born artist Nino Miloni reveals the extraordinary depth hidden inside ordinary objects

Impact and Environment

Could public-private partnerships tackle the energy challenge?

Frédéric James Gentizon explores the prospect of energy independence and carbon neutrality for a small Swiss community

Business and Markets

‘I couldn’t get a job here today'

Alex Vukajlovic & Johan Holgersson on remaining agile, measuring success and the benefits of hiring exceptional outliers

Innovation and Technology

‘There was no roadmap for this’

Marco Gercke—one of the world’s leading experts in cybersecurity—shares his hacks for staying cyber-secure in an interconnected world

Arts and Life

Two Jimmys for a peanut

As Europe faces macroeconomic shocks, and geopolitical crises, William Raynar asks how two seemingly disparate figures of the twentieth century can shape our understanding of the present